Goals and Objectives

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Goals and Objectives for a Security Organization
Security organizations play a major role in the daily functions in both business and government operations. These functions are multi-faceted and must achieve specific goals and objectives. Security organizations that effectively implement goals and objectives into their structure maintain superiority over others. This superiority not only demands for excellence in carrying out their goals and objectives but also tailoring these objectives to their specific clientele. The ability for security organizations to instruct the management team will provide an example for their employees. These implementations will not only create an organization that will maintain and gain more clients but will
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Administrative laws “regulate conduct involving safety, education, welfare, national security, taxation, environmental and consumer protection, transportation, communications, labor relations, commerce and trade” (Ortmeier, 2000 p. 71). Security Organizations and management must develop routines in learning understanding the administrative law regulations as well as setting up procedures to allow them to be followed daily. Security organizations must realize that these laws cover a wide range of dynamics in order to protect all aspects of public policy that the administrative agencies deem necessary.
Influences to Organizational Security
There are many positive and negative influences regarding organizational security. One influence that has the potential of being either positive or negative is other security organizations that may be competing with the particular organization. One way that competition could be a negative influence is if the organization fails to implement the goals mentioned above and attempts to make shortcuts and provides inefficient services to their clients. Some security organizations may look to their actions and be negatively influenced. “Even though large organizations, as small ones, can show benevolence to groups of employees, the reduced flexibility for
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