Goals and Objectives of Security Organization Essay

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Goals and Objectives of Security Organization
Judy M. Galarza
University of Phoenix
SEC / 310
September 19, 2010

Goals and Objectives of Security Organization
Security plays a major role in both the business and government worlds. We will discuss the legal aspects of organizational security management. Discuss both the positive and negative influences regarding organizational security. We will also be discussing what consequences will both business and government operations have to overcome if they fail to achieve security goals and objectives. The value private security management brings to businesses will also be discussed.
Legal aspects. When thinking of
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Positive and negative influences. The root causes of most incidents result from lack of attention or from counterproductive attitudes and behaviors or awareness, attitudes and behaviors of other people. It can develop a sense of false security regarding their ability to control or protect themselves as well as the employer as they carry out their work. Ensuring all employees are properly trained will keep the negative influences to a minimum. Companies must keep in mind that even though there business is number one priority, its not just about the numbers at the end of the day. Security plays a vital part to ensure those numbers are at expected levels if they want to continue to stay in business for long. It is a matter of balancing all management key influences to run a profitable and reliable business.
Consequences of failing. The goals set the vision, and the objectives are the specific results that must be obtained to achieve success. Regardless of what the business assets that are to be secured, information or technical assets, physical plant, personnel, the organization must have a security strategy that can be implemented, measured, and revised as the business climate and operational environment change ( Caralli, 2004). Failing to ensure the safety of secured information can have devastating consequences. One great example, on September 16, 2010 one of the most prestigious hospitals in the
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