Goals in Conflict Essay

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Wilmot and Hocker have stated in the Seventh Edition of Interpersonal Conflict that “[c]onflict is more than a disagreement; it is when people believe that another interferes with their interests and goals” (p. 62). When considering conflict, interests and goals are considered the same thing. There are four general types of interests and goals which are topic or content, relational, identity (or facework), and process; these together are easily remembered by using the acronym TRIP(Wilmot, 2007. p.63). To better describe and explain these types of goals, the following personal conflict will be used. The Crossen Family consists of five members, the mother (myself), the husband (William), and the three female children (Brittney, Kerra, and…show more content…
p.65). In conflicts relational goals need to be realized and managed because they are the center of all conflicts (Wilmot, 2007. p.67) but they are not easily recognized internally or externally, and they are interpreted differently by each party (Wilmot, 2007. p.67). In the reviewed conflict, the parents feel that the children are becoming more independent, and do not care what the parents think or need. The children believe that the parents do not consider the things that are important to the children to be important. Basically, each seems to seek the respect from the other units. The way that each will react throughout the conflict will express how that person believes the other is thinking about them. They will react to an image that they have created of the other person that probably is not accurate (Wilmot, 2007. p.69). Because relationship goals are not easily determined, these goals will escalate. Identity or face-saving goals consider who a person is in the interaction. The focus includes how identity of self is protected or repaired throughout the conflict. Although this goal continues throughout the conflict, it will be more prominent at certain times of conflicts (Wilmot, 2007. p.69). Maintaining self-identity and face-saving can be very open and obvious. In the described conflict I told
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