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2. GoArmyEd is an Army Continuing Education System program that provides the virtual gateway 24/7 to request Tuition Assistance (TA) for Soldiers, scholarship payment for Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) Cadets and professional development for Army Civilians online, anytime for classroom and distance learning college courses. GoArmyEd is a dynamic online portal that automates many of the paper-based processes historically conducted in-person at Army Education Centers.

3. GoArmyEd includes an automated registration tool that enforces TA policies and procedures, providing for automated financial transactions, tracking of progress within the system, visibility of financial management and regulatory compliance of enrollment processes. Soldiers
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The justification for retention and use of the SSN is in accordance with DODI 1000.30, reason #4: Interaction with Financial Institutions. AHRC-PDZ-A
SUBJECT: Justification for the Use of the Social Security Number (SSN) AITR DA305546 JCIMS

6. GoArmyEd utilizes SSNs due to the legacy system interfaces with Defense Joint Military Pay System (DJMS) and Integrated Total Army Personnel Databases (ITAPDB). Both of these systems are currently on track to the subsumed by Integrated Personnel and Pay Systems - Army (IPPS-A). GoArmyEd uses both PKI credentials for user authentication and access, and User Name and strong passwords for users without PKI credentials.

7. GoArmyEd will require continued coordination with academic institutions using the Soldier's SSN to verify and update student records and to invoice for classes. As a result, use of the SSN will still be required when ITAPDB and DJMS are subsumed by IPPS-A, unless an alternative solution is developed with the academic institutions. All end-users with access to GoArmyEd will continue to receive Personal Identifiable Information training, this mandatory yearly training is an Army mandate.

8. The point of contact for this action is Mr. Tim Seibert, Program Manager, GoArmyEd at
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