Goblin Market

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"For there is no friend like a sister." -Christina Rossetti Sisterhood has been bond that throughout the ages has changed from only family members, to females that feel a special bond with one another, to females sharing the same interest in religion or education. Christina Rossetti shared the sisterhood bond to her readers when she wrote her poem Goblin Market. The poem has even been centered on by the critics to be the theme of "sisterhood" and feminism. But the "sisterhood" in Goblin Market is not an exclusionary term; rather it implies several meanings in the same way that it potentially includes the experience of both sexes. In the beginning as readers we are faced with the exploits of two popular Biblical stories, that of…show more content…
Instead, Goblin Market celebrates dynamism a "sisterhood" between polarities, and allows Laura and Lizzie to represent this interdependence in both narrative and metaphoric terms. Lizzie's and Laura's reactions to the goblins almost immediately indicate the differences in their personalities. At the goblin's cry, "Laura bowed her head to hear / Lizzie veiled her blushes," Lizzie thrust a dimple finger / In each ear, shut eyes and ran: / Curious Laura chose to linger." The reader later learns more about Lizzie's prudence: she worries about the possibility of the girls losing their way, and urges that Laura to "get home before the night grows dark" unlike Laura she approaches the goblins. From the beginning of the play we can clearly see that Laura is the more daring of the two while Lizzie is more cautious. Yet, while there are marked differences between them, the girls are meant to be identified with on another. And though the sisters' subsequent actions are quite different Rossetti pointedly uses the same phrase to describe Laura's and then Lizzie's initial confused reaction to the goblins: both "knew not was it night or day." There have been several critics that claim that the two girls represent two halves of one personality, which then becomes "divided" after Laura's downfall and must be reintegrate. The girls' personalities were already marked different prior to Laura's eating of the goblin
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