Goblin Research Paper

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Contracts Take goblin ears: First goblin encounter of 3. OPTION continue and encounter 2 paths. One small footprints one with one larger set of footprints - owlbear or - move forward to goblin camp DANGEROUS Offered reward is 5gp per goblin ear. Completion of the contract means membership is approved to the Hunters Hall. Goblin camp: 5 goblins and 2 giant rats in camp ground. On the way, there will be the chance to take out a scouting party of 2. - If scouts get away camp will be prepared - Of scouts are killed intel is gathered and camp will not be alerted. Goblin camp will include a chest with - 3 potions of healing (2d4 + 2) - Blade of Resonance: Short sword with a slight blueish tinge in colour with a slight vibration felt by whoever wields it.…show more content…
- One goblin will be in a side area making weapons. This is where the first chest will be which will hold 2 sparkling ingots and various general smithing materials if asked about contents. - Goblin boss and wolf pet. Wolf pet is chained up and will have to be let loose using one turn/action to do so. Goblin boss will have a key to the treasure trove, as well as owl bear hide armour which will give the wearer a +2 bonus to stealth. - Chest will have 300 gold within, a Ring of protection (+1 to AC), and a Sparking String which needs to be identified. Sparking string adds 1 d4 lightning damage once per bshort rest - Party may notice something suspicious along the way home. Camel Archibald’s Ring - Party must search around somewhere for a ring of protection and deliver it to Archibald - Archibald will offer to let them keep the ring in lieu of payment for the deed - Archibald explains that he is happy to do so because he now knows that you are capable errand boys Suspicious
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