Goblins Vs Dwarves

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Music is a big deal to everybody. Music is a big deal to the dwarves, the elves, and the goblins. They sing what they are doing or about to do. They all sing about different thing and objects and people. The dwarves go first. Than, the elves. Lastly, you have the goblins. The dwarves sing about dishes. They are putting the dishes they ate off and cleaned. Bilbo did not like them throwing his dishes. So, they sang about damaging the dishes. After all that they all calmed down and did not throw any more dishes. Than you have the elves. The elves like to sing about the dwarves. Elves sing about how the dwarves love gold. They also sing about how the go over the mountains, and in dungeons. . Lastly, you have the goblins. They are very gloomy.
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