God And The Holy Spirit

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God has revealed himself in many different ways throughout Christian faith. Centuries ago, he gave Christians insights in ways they could understand and can be used with common every day activities and chores. He has let the people see him through his divine creations. Christians can see God at church weekly when he comes through the priest. Another way to see God daily is when someone prays and ask for his forgiveness, strength, and love. No one can see God, but he can be seen through in his works when he sent the grace of the Holy Spirit to the world. Christian faith is about trusting God, and God is with someone through the satisfactory days and the deceitful days. His revelation relates to the theological sources humanity can rely upon to know the truth. God has shown bits and pieces of who he is through prophets, apostles, and Jesus. God would reveal himself in ways each person could understand. This helped the chosen people to describe God in the scriptures. Jesus talked in parables so his followers and/or people who would be a by-stander could comprehend what he was preaching about. Today, God talks to Christians through the priest of the Catholic Church during mass or any other Christian mass. God is also there during the Eucharist when Catholics receive his body and blood. So what is revelation as it pertains to God? It is how God reveals himself each and every day. God reveals himself through the beauty of nature. God can show himself in a

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