God Created Humans Beings to Have Intimacy

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Running head: MARITAL INTIMACY SKILLS 1 Defining and Training Marital Intimacy Skills Liberty University MARITAL INTIMACY SKILLS 2 Abstract God created human beings to have intimacy. From the beginning He said it is no good for man to be alone. (Genesis 2:18, NIV) As amazing as this may seem, even though Adam had a close and intimate relationship with God, God knew that Adam needed other types of intimacy; the kind of intimacy another human being can only offer. Not saying that God is not enough or sufficient to fill and satisfy any heart, but God has placed within our hearts the need of intimacy with other human beings. This report will focused on four aspects of intimacy, which include emotional, spiritual,…show more content…
I will make a helper suitable for him.” (Genesis 2:18, NIV) Having your spouse as a friend means that you will have someone to count on all the time, someone that will be there to listen to you, to encourage, council and rebuke you, when necessary; someone who will sincerely rejoice with you in times of happiness and someone who will feel your sorrow in times of sadness. Friends will connect heart to heart in every situation, and this is what it means to be your spouse’s friend. Fourth in the list of emotional needs for both men and women is encouragement and recognition. Encouragement like the motor that keeps one going and recognition is to acknowledge one is arriving or has arrived to his or her goal. It is like the sweaty runner who with crapping legs is motivated by the commitment he has with his family to reach his goal. When he thinks he’ll never make it he takes a look at the side and he will notice his wife’s smile, his daughter’s hand wave, and his MARITAL INTIMACY SKILLS 5 son’s look of pride. All of the sudden, the cramping in his legs begins to diminish; the fatigue becomes strength and the only thing in his mind to reach the goal. This is what happens when a wife encourages her husband to keep on going, he will gather strength from his wife’s confidence and encouragement to accomplish his everyday tasks. Encouragement is a powerful tool in a spouse’s hand. Both husbands and wives need to

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