God Gives Us His Economic Plan

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God gives us His economic plan in Genesis. He is clear on His rules and His intent from the beginning of His word. God created the earth in an orderly fashion with a purpose, and He created man in His image for a purpose. God commanded man to tend His creation. The Cultural Mandate tells us God’s intent for man is to have dominion over all of the earth, be fruitful and multiply, Genesis 1:26-28 (NIV). Work was also a part of God’s plan for man. Before sin entered the world, man worked, but work was more pleasurable and less painful before sin. After the “fall,” man’s work became hard. There may not be a choice about the work an individual must do, but there is a choice about the way an individual does the work (Lundin, Christensen, & Christensen, 2000, p. 37). Based on God’s plan, an individual’s employment can provide for his family, bless others, increase wealth, and contribute to society and the economic system. Production resources of the earth Even though man failed God through sin, God did not fail man. He allows man to use the land and the resources of the land to produce wealth. According to Leviticus 25:23 (NIV), the land belongs to the Lord. Men are tenants and caretakers of His land. Psalms 24:1 (NIV) states that the earth and everything in the earth belongs to the Lord, both nonliving and living. Man is accountable to God for the use of His land and resources. God wants men to be good stewards of His creation. God expects man to use the land and the resources
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