God Grew Tired of Us: A Memoir by John Bul Dau Essay

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In John Bul Dau’s memoir, God Grew Tired of Us, he tells the inspiring and heart wrenching story of the Lost Boys of Sudan. This two hundred and eighty one page book was published in 2008 in the USA. John’s moving story begins by explaining the tense political situation in his beloved homeland, Sudan. Sudan is a country located in Northern africa. John was born in1974 into the Dinka tribe in the agricultural and cattle raising farm of Duk County. The environment of southern Sudan is scorching hot and dry, however the farmers and herders in Sudan, including the one’s in John’s own village, adapted to their surroundings by using different techniques to hunt and grow produce varying on the season. He grew up in his peaceful village very…show more content…
By the end of 1987, when John was barely thirteen years old, the Lost Boys finally cross into Ethiopia to a camp called Pinyudu after an almost 500 mile trek by foot. The adult caretakers in the camp put John in charge of over one thousand other boys in the camp. Even in the safe haven of Ethiopia, John still has to deal with hunger, disease, and overwhelming heat. Just as donations and food ration begin coming in from the UN and other relief organizations and life at the camp starts improving, the entire camp is forced to evacuate the camp during an attack from hostile Ethiopian soldiers. The Lost Boys then trekked an additional five hundred miles to kenya, searching for safety. By the time he arrived in the refugee camp of Kakuma, John is eighteen. His days are occupied by learning in the school provided by missionaries at Kakuma. AFter nine years of living in the camp, John has completed his years of schooling and decides to apply for a resettlement program in America. He gets accepted into the program, and after several months of orientation classes, he settles in Syracuse New York. Once John arrives, he gets sponsored by a local church, who furnish his apartment, teach him American customs, and drive him to school and work before he gets a car. John soon realizes that America is a place where educated, hard-workers will become successful. He works two and sometimes three jobs at once so that he can afford and

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