God In Government : Should God Be In Government?

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Aaron Gonzales Ms. Lopez 8th English Language Arts 14 November 2017 Should God Be In Government? God in government has been a very controversial topic. It is controversial because people argue that if god is in government what will happen to the people that don’t believe in a god, but the people that believe in god can say that the government has to have something to overrule them because no one person can have all of the power. Case laws have proven that people have used their religion to prove their point by saying “in my religion it lets me drink alcohol at a young age so their for I did nothing wrong I was just practicing my religion (Founding Fathers, 2011)”. Pledge of Allegiance The Pledge of Allegiance has a lot of controversy. The most controversial part of the Pledge of Allegiance and the part that people like to argue over is “one nation under god.” It is controversial because it is a statement that not everyone believes that the nation is under god because their is killings that occur and a god in most religions it is a sin or it is looked down upon. For those that do not believe in religion they think that this is only going to be for the religious people so they think that there is no nation because there is no God. Some of the other arguments that people have are that the nation is not really a nation that is under God because people say where is God if we are under him where is he. Laws that have God in them Most laws today are related to the 10 Commandments. Some of the commandments that the laws are based on are “Thou shalt not kill” the law that is based on this commandment is that if someone kills they will be tried to a jury and if they are convicted guilt the will get sentenced to prison. Another law that is based on one of the ten commandments is “thou shalt not steal” if a person steals they convicted of theft and they would be tried by a jury. The reason why these are controversial because what if these commandments weren't there then they would have to came up with these laws but people argue that if that wasn't the case we would have ended up a country that was almost the exact same thing as the country we were running from the country that we would might of been like England
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