God Is Holy By David T. Lamb Essay

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The Character of God

“God is Holy. He is set a part and unique. He is the author and creator of all life. The space around God is Holy, pure and full of His justice.” (The Bible Project, Book of Leviticus Video). Throughout, the Bible, God is constantly showing the Israelites grace and mercy, however, He is always following through with the judgements or punishments that are fitting according to the sins in which the Israelites are held accountable for, for disobeying God. God is slow to anger and He requires holiness to be in His presence; therefore, throughout the Old Testament He wants Israel to value and respect their covenantal relationship with Him. However, it seems like the first chance they get to disobey God they do without hesitation. David T. Lamb writes in his book, God Behaving Badly in Chapter two, ‘Angry or Loving?’, David writes this statement: “ The Exodus pattern seems to generally fit the entire Old Testament: Yahweh delivers them (Israel). They complain. He is patient. They promise to obey. The first opportunity they get, they disobey. Yahweh eventually becomes angry and punishes them”. This is a cyclical pattern between God and his people, Israel. The constant back and forth. Stemming all the way back to even when Lucifer had become jealous and envious of God. Although, Lucifer was the highest arc angel and was most beautiful, he still wanted to be God and to be worshiped. God is pure and is holy and He requires holiness in order to be in his
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