God Is Not A Religious Experience

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Danlielou in Chapter one states, “But that in which saves is not a religious experience, but faith in the Word of God” (10) No one is born with faith because you have to accept faith from God. Faith is knowing that there is a God. We have to put our trust in God because in the end he will take care of us in the end. The image of God that is the most persuasive is the God of faith because faith is shown both in religions, philosophy, and in the Bible. Monotheism, Polytheism, and Atheism are all different religions of how people worship God/gods. Early tribes actually had faith in one God, but since he felt so far away to them, they began to make other gods. Monotheism is the only religion that truly complies with faith. Rassinger states in his reading, “We are beginning to understand more and more clearly today that this concept of love is by no means philosophically deducible, self-supporting principle, and that to a large extent it starts of falls with belief in the one God” (76). The belief in one God is related to the ultimate yes. The ultimate yes is I believe in God and yes there is a God. “Faith seems formidable to man because it involves the acceptance of his dependence and the abandonment of his self-sufficiency. Thus faith reaches him in his will to belong; it puts him at the mercy of another” (Danlielou, 87). People are scared of faith because it is certain and uncertain at the same time. Religions can make it easy to have faith in God or they can
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