God Is Real Or Not Real

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For most Christians my age, understanding the nature of God and whether God is real or not real is for the most part innate. I have dwindled it down to two types of people in my world, people who believe in God and who do not believe in God. Most of my childhood growing up, I believed in a creator of the world, but as I grew up and began to understand more about science as well as reasoning, I walked a fine line between what I was taught to believe and what I thought was real. My family began to drift away from God, as did I. Everything that happened in those years of growing up whether it was death, natural disasters, everyday conflict, new life or happiness, I managed to leave God out of the equation and happily continue on with my life. I was not alone in this; most of my friends followed the same path of subtracting God from their lives and conclude that world just happened to be. It was not until the end of high school and my decision in coming to Azusa Pacific University where God became real to me. I did not think philosophy and God would be able to work so well with each other, but for my friends the two were separated. They understand philosophy and science to the extent that I do; the only part of the equation for them that is missing is God. Concentrating on how Aquinas defends the virtues of God in comparison with how Anselm defends the existence of God, much information can be gathered in defense of a non-believer. Aquinas critiques the ontological argument

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