God Is Red : A Native View Of Religion

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God Is Red: A Native View of Religion Vine Deloria discussed and elaborated on many issues in God Is Red: A Native View of Religion. The Indian movement within America has many difficulties including how the Christian and Native perspectives on many issues, including history, time and land, was informative and enlightening. The issues between the conflicting viewpoints on creation, history and how it effects our present American culture has been an interest to me. I want to focus on the chapter on Death and Religion where the contrast between the Christian worldview and the Native worldview have informed and influenced our cultural as a whole and on a personal level.
I found Deloria’s chapter on death and religion to be interesting in the comparing and contrasting the view of death from a Christian perspective and a native perspective. The integrated view of Christianity on the soul, body, death and resurrection and how it has informed the Western worldview was particularly intriguing to me. The Christian worldview on the meaning of death and the theory of the purpose of death and what comes next is seen on a daily basis in American culture. Deloria points out differing views from the early Greeks and immortality to the fear of death and the purposeful acts of Jesus. The Christian concept of the Day of Judgment has created an atmosphere of fear surrounding one of the most natural acts that happen in the physical world. The Christian doctrine of the physical being

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