God Is The Author Of All Creation

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It is in human nature to wonder about the unknown and want to search for answers. At the base of every culture is a form of the creation myth that tries to explain how the earth came to be. These stories’ have a huge influence on the people’s belief structure. They strongly influence the way people act and think about the surrounding world and what they are supposed to do in relation to their surrounding people. Despite being broken up into numerous geographical regions many cultures have developed a creation myth with similar basic elements.
Let’s start with the creation story shall we. The start of the Bible begins with these words, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." (NIV) This summarizes what is about to unfold. The simple understanding of the creation story would be that God is the author of all creation. In Genesis 1 we are introduced to what is the beginning of the divine drama. If you ask any believer it can only be understood from a standpoint of faith. The whole purpose is not rutted in any fact, rather it is a moral and spiritual starting points nothing else.
As they would have us believe God was very pleased with himself, Six times he was pleased with his process of creation, so he stopped, observed all his handiwork and thought that it was very good. Looking at the big three we start to see some familiarities. Christianity shares with Islam and Judaism the story of a singular divine act for creation, spread out over six sections. The…

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