God Is The Creator Of The Universe

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As I reflect on my beliefs about God, the world, and humanity’s place in it, I think about my life and certain aspects that have greatly influenced those beliefs. To begin, the world and humanity exists because of God. God is the creator of the universe, the earth, and every living thing. He is the reason why we learn to love, care for each other, and live a life according to how He wants us to. Through his love, God created a universe where physical beings could enjoy and live life. I believe that God is the creator and can be seen through Jesus Christ, who is there to guide and show us the way of life. My belief about the world is that it is a place in which God created where all the peoples, lands, and natural features live and grow together. The world provides a place for all living things to create the circle of life. When one dies, another is born and it continues. There are so many mysteries about the world that many of us do not know, which is what makes it so mysterious and beautiful at the same time. I strongly believe that as humans, God has given us this gift to live and continuously explore and learn from. There are many things that make up the world, and humanity plays a major role in it. Humanity allows the world to function the way that it does. As humans, we were all created to be individually unique from each other. I believe that we were put on this earth to show and express love, empathy, as well as have an understanding of how life should truly
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