God Is The God Of Wine And Parties

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Dionysus is the god of wine and parties. He is the son of Semele, a mortal, and Zeus, god of the sky and ruler of all the gods. There have been many similarities between Dionysus and Jesus made by people throughout history yet we have to wonder why do we need Dionysus? He is not exactly the most moral god ever. Is he actually important and necessary in Greek mythology? Does his danger outweigh his importance and necessity? What is the play telling us about sanity and insanity?
There have been so many similarities throughout history noted between Dionysus in The Bacchae and Jesus in The Bible. Some similarities include their births, people wanting to kill them as infants, others disbelief that they are gods, the persecution because others do not believe in their divinity, and their rebirths.
Both gods were born to virgins and miraculously conceived without sex. When Semele told others about her pregnancy, she was mocked. “They said that Dionysus was no son of Zeus, but Semele had slept beside a man in love. Cadmus lied to protect his daughter’s name.” (Euripides 20, 28). In the book of Matthew, Mary conceives a child through the Holy Spirit while she was still betrothed to Joseph (Matthew 1:18).
Both gods’ lives were in danger as infants. When Dionysus was born Zeus’s wife, Hera, was furious Zeus had had another affair and tried to throw Dionysus down Mount Olympus. Zeus hid Dionysus and gave Hera “a [baby] molded piece of the ether that encircles the Earth” (Hathaway 247)…

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