God Is The Only True God

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Everyone’s definition of their worldview is different. An area that is a part of someone’s worldview is their view of God. But first, does a God exist? Yes, there is a God that exists. God is not in a body like humans are, but He was able to come to Earth as a human being. I would have to describe Him as a being that is much different than anything we experience in the physical world. God is omnipresent; He is omniscient and omnipotent. God’s nature is loving, caring, and forgiving. Because I believe there is more than the material cosmos, it is absolutely possible that God exists which, is what I believe to be true. People can, however, worship other made up gods such as a sun god, golden calf, television, sports, a Hollywood star, or money. Although people have other gods, God is the only true God. There is no one or nothing like Him. After covering the view of God, the nature of reality is next. First, you have to ask is the external world an illusion. To this, I would have to say no, the external world is not an illusion. I also believe that the world is not chaotic. I believe it is orderly and intelligently designed which suggest there was a creator. With that in mind and the fact that I believe God created the Earth, I would have to say that the universe is dependent on God, but God is not dependent on the Earth. God cannot intervene in time and space because He already has a plan for everything and He knows how it is going to play out. I do believe in miracles,
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