God Must Not Exist : The Argument From Evil

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The problem of evil remains one of the most serious objections to the hypothesis that God exists. Put simply, the argument from evil follows the basic form: If God were to exist, then that being would be all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-good. If such a being existed, then there would be no evil. There is evil. Hence, God must not exist. This argument presents a contradiction by supposing that worldly evil and an all-knowing, all-powerful, and all-good God could not exist simultaneously. This brings forth a distressing decision: one is forced to either abandon any belief in God’s existence in favour of what they know to be a valid argument, or abandon a valid argument in favour of theistic beliefs. Thus the contradiction presents itself. In this paper I shall reject the argument from evil while attempting to outline a possible solution to the contradiction it presents. I shall stress, however, that I am merely supposing a possible solution to this logical contradiction, not arguing for the truthfulness of such a solution; an absence of contradiction does not imply truthfulness. With that being said, let us continue. Since the argument from evil is deductively valid, the obvious strategy would be to reject one or more of the premises. Atheism offers one solution to the contradiction by rejecting the first premise and denying that God exists, however, this option is certainly unfavourable to the theist and offers no insight as to how or why evil exists and persists.
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