God, Religion, and Me Essay

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God, Religion, and Me Christians believe that Jesus is both God and man, incarnation of God, and man -gives man two natures, physical and divined that they are united in one person. Thus the mystery of God becoming a human being, Jesus, and suffered and died, and Mary (Jesus's mother) was the mother of God. God resolved himself to mankind in 3 ways, as God the father, God the sun and the Holy Spirit. From this we can see that Christianity is based on the mystery of the doctrine of the trinity, which cannot be proven and requires Christians to have faith that this the root of Christianity is in fact true. In following a structured religion it seems that many people need to believe in a power greater than themselves, in order…show more content…
As from here on ones life follows the Christian path to the sacraments of marriage, Holy orders, Reconciliation and extreme unction ( the sacrament of dying). These rituals form an important part of Christianity for the person who is attracted to a structured religion, his or her life is structured from birth to death, through, the sacraments weekly worship, daily prayer and the promise of eternal life. Ethical In any structured religion, particularly Christianity there is a price to pay for salvation and eternal life. One has a strict moral/ethical code to follow-which probably predates Christianity and has its roots in the Jewish religion, the Sudducees and Essenes. Based mainly on the Ten Commandments which are the ten laws handed down to Moses from God on Mount Sinai. Over the past two thousand years every possible atrocity has been committed in the name of Christianity from the crusades through the Spanish inquisition to the haulacast. Yet Christianity has survived, mainly due to the fact that human beings need a belief system and need to believe in eternal life. Today in the twenty and early twenty first century many people are arguing against a structured religion with all its restrictions and ethical dilemmas, eg; euthanasia, abortion, pre marital sex, contraception etc... Hence the interest in new age Christianity, Charismatic Christianity and the Christian cults, which are less structured. Will the main stream

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