God : The Universe Out Of Nothing

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God created the universe out of nothing (Ps.33:6,9). By affirming God as Creator we set him apart from creation (in contrast to pantheism) and assert that creation is dependent on him (in contrast to materialism/dualism/deism) (Acts17:25,28; Eph.4:6). All of creation is intended to show God’s glory (Ps.19:1-2). Before the fall He deemed it very good (Gen.1:31), thus leading us to delight in his creativity and goodness as we serve as stewards entrusted to care for creation.
As modern science seeks to explain the origins of the universe, it is imperative to take a view of creation consistent with Scripture. Understanding Genesis 1, I fully believe that God could create the original creation with an appearance of age from the very beginning and also that it might be possible for the havoc of the flood to have significantly altered the face of the earth, both of which are arguments for a “young earth.” However, I also recognize that the Hebrew text allows for an understanding of “yôm” (day) as also meaning a long period and align myself more with the “old earth” theory. This position has the strength of being in accord with both Scripture and the observable facts of creation, yet not ceding ground to the randomness, godlessness, and the inevitable processes of natural selection inherent in the evolutionary theory.
Though the word “Trinity” is not explicitly stated in Scripture, the doctrine of the Trinity lies at the heart of the Christian understanding of God and…
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