God Transcends All Cultural Barriers

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When reading these chapters I agreed with what Gailey and Culbertson had to say, they made very valid points throughout the chapters. After reading these chapters, it changed my mind about a couple of things that I had heard before. This paper met all expectations that I had before reading it, I expected it to be very knowledgeable and that was what I got from the chapters. Throughout this paper I learned the story of God transcends all cultural barriers, non-western Christians account for as much as 80%, missionaries don’t’ destroy culture, and language is beyond powerful. Years of Christianity has proved to have a positive effect on individuals and cultures. In Chapter five I learned that God transcends all cultural barriers because of his concern to build bridges rather than extract barriers (64). Also that the church has recently experienced massive growth in several parts of the world. Also extraction strategies were used in some missionary outreach efforts, which was when people came to faith, one by one, they were praised for their courageous act to break from their past and from unbelieving family and friends (65). Contextualization is also the context in which the good news is being announced which shapes the way the gospel is proclaimed and practiced. Also, as the gospel has grown bigger and moved into different cultures, it has been confronted by sinful practices which is also a part of contextualization. This chapter also touches on another important issue
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