God according to Crimes and Misdemeanors Essay

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God is always watching. This is what the first couple of scenes in Woody Allen’s movie Crimes and Misdemeanors would seem to imply but as the movie continues its message about god and a just universe flips back and forth as events go unpunished or the good go unrewarded. God and who god is are the main themes of this movie and as the movie progresses each character shapes his beliefs of god on what happens as they live their life. A main character, Judah, an ophthalmologist who runs into some issues and takes the unmoral path, struggles with his idea of god throughout the entire movie. The other poignant character played by Woody Allen, is Cliff Stern whom is an aspiring documentary director making his masterpiece about a philosopher…show more content…
All this comes together to show that Judah’s view of god in the beginning is a distant one and one that does not interfere with the world. The god Judah perceives quickly changes into a very present and wrathful god when the woman involved with Judah in an affair, Dolores, is murdered as Judah arranged through his mobster brother. Suddenly god becomes very present for Judah in the form of him having to bear his conscious and he becomes fearful of god. Judah now sees god as he was taught by his very religious father to see god—watching, judging and unforgiving. This becomes too much for Judah and his life becomes burdened by his thoughts and he awaits the day of his judgment when his life is ruined and he is discovered. This judgment that Judah awaits is something that he realizes is a construct of his own mind as time goes on and nothing happens to him and the murder is never linked to him. At this point Judah is relieved of his stress and conscious is cleared. God no longer a concern and as far as Judah is concerned, doesn’t exist. He faces no consequences and is free from concern. It is at this point that Judah crosses paths with Cliff Stern, Woody Allen, at a party and he gives him a “hypothetical” situation that is actually his situation in real life. Cliff is in
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