God and the Devil

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God and the Devil have an impact on the human race, because God and the Devil have a shared goal to give people two choices in life God and the devil both origininated in heaven. God made the heavens, earth and the angels. In particular he made he made an angel named Lucifer. Lucifer was the lead angel and was the most beautiful angel. Lucifer was also was the lead angel over music. God made the angels to serve him and to help with humanity. God created humans and loved them. Lucifer became jealous of Gods rule. He did not like the creation of humanity. He did not want to serve humanity. Lucifer felt humans were beneath the angels. Lucifer then persuaded other angels to join his idealism. Lucifer began a war in heaven. Lucifer and his…show more content…
God spreads his world to the people with the Bible. One of Gods main messages his love thy neighbor. Lucifer has a different method. Lucifer wants to spread carnage and chaos throughout the world. The Devils central message is if it feels good do it. Do what you have to do in all situations. Lucifer does not want you love your neighbor. He would rather you love your neighbors wife or husband. If it feels good do it. Lucifer says open up that extra bottle of wine, or goes ahead steal that money. They would steal it from you. Lucifer wants to pull you into such a state of confusion and sin that you take your eyes off of Gods plan. Humans can be so self absorbed that they do not even see the Devils influence upon them. The devil also uses his own churches and congregations. Lucifer even uses music to get in your head to give you undesired emotions. His method simply is to show how weak you are and how beneath him you can be. Human influence follows suite with both of their methods. The Devil inspires wars and death. For example Nazi Germany. Hitler saw the Jews as an inferior race. He tried to wipe the Jews from the face of the earth. This sounds just like Lucifer’s hate for humans. Look at the Ku Klux Klan as another example. This secret society operated in hate. They to thought they were a superior race and minorities had to be eliminated. These groups were under the Devils whisper or influence. They were deceived by the whisper which started in their ears, heads,
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