God of Small Things

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Critical Race Theory in The God of Small Things Sex and race are always useful and mentioned with intention in texts. In Arundhati Roy’s novel The God of Small Things there is a clear intention to the use of sex and race to keep and rid of the main key characters in the novel. The character or characters who engage in unlawful sexual acts are punished while unwanted or undesired race is purged. In this Indian society that worships England, Love Laws, and the Caste System race and sex creates intra-racial racism within the Indian communities that is reinforced with force through the government and Caste System. Intra-racial racism is a result of internalized racism while internalized racism is a result of Anglophilia. The God of Small…show more content…
Additionally, throughout the story there are references to Africa, especially amongst the twins and Velutha, yet when Rahel says to Kochu Maria that she will eventually be living in Africa, Kochu Maria responds saying “Africa’s full of ugly black people and mosquitoes,” showing disdain for people of dark color (Roy 175). The correlation between blackness and vice becomes even more entangled when the character of Kari Saipu is introduced as the “Black Sahib”. This man had taken a young boy as his lover and then killed himself when the child was taken away, leading to the connection of even the word black as something taboo (Roy 51). When Sophie Mol drowns it is Velutha, who was not even present when the accident occurred, who is blamed and then brutally beaten, and dies in prison. There can be no doubt that, though his position in the caste system sets him aside culturally, Velutha’s uniquely dark color consecrates him visually as unclean and unworthy. In conclusion, intra-racial racism can be seen in The God of Small Things through the hierarchal distinction of skin color in India. This can be seen in relation to the caste system as well as the family structure. Anglo traits in a person make them worthy of worship while dark

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