God on Trial

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God On Trial Christian Worldview Integration Dr. Carl B. Smith II Its impossible to reflect on the origins of evil without bringing up the concept of free will. God created man with this idea of choice; the choice to believe and obey, or the choice to disobey. It was this free will that allowed Adam and Eve to fall from their initial glory and introduce evil and suffering into the world. We can justify a large amount of sustained suffering by acknowledging that it actually benefits us and is not incompatible with God's loving nature. We learn lessons both physically and spiritually that allows us to grow and mature according to God. Some suffering is used to spark revival or for a great advancement in his kingdom, cause after all we're…show more content…
He takes disobedience very seriously and has the power to cleanse the entire Earth if need be. Apart from this idea of purgative suffering, we can also view this pain as tests that God places us in. Weather to grow and learn or self examination God allows this suffering to help us. As far as ruling out ideas we can obviously throw out the atheist remarks from Jacques and the blaspheming words of Moche, insisting that God is nothing more than a murderer. I also want to throw out some of Khun's statements, I think that when dealing with situations like this we should questions God's motives. Examine the situation and pray for answers not in a blaspheming way but as a seeker of wisdom and as one who wants to be closer to God. 5: I find myself in a daily struggle with God, fighting through my worldly mindset and constantly questioning and justifying certain aspects of my life. Personally, it drives me to seek wisdom in the scripture but I can see in large groups where the many predispositions might get in the way of a very personal growth opportunity. I know personally when it comes to group discussions I shy far away from being the center of discussion. I leave that business for those braver and more confident than I. Simply put, to employ this method of argumentative faith at a place like Cedarville would benefit everyone greatly. There are difficult questions that we will face in our life and if we're just fed the baby food of Christianity
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