God 's God And God

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God created the earth for human beings to have peace and a close relationship with God. He does not expect the human race to rebel. The Abrahamic covenant was god’s response to the sin and rebellion. God promises land, promise of many descendants, a promise on blessing Abraham, and blessing and curses others.
When you begin reading the second book of the Bible, Exodus, and the children of Israel had become a nation down in Egypt. They had become virtual slaves in bondage, but God did not forget His promise. He raised up a man named Moses by whom He lead them out of Egypt, across the Red Sea, back to the land of Canaan. God makes his "presence known" to all of his people. Moses was called by God to rescue his people. God shows his promise to the Abrahamic covenant with the plagues. With this Law, however, came hope as well; for God also gave Moses careful instruction to show how such sinful persons could worship and find acceptance with such a holy God. Since the first sin committed by Adam had brought death as its curse, so it would only be through death or “sacrifice” that God would accept man and his worship. That may sound strange, but that really is the way it is according to the Bible since God’s character includes justice. Sin must be punished by death.
God presents the Israelites with the Ten Commandments. They are used as guidelines for the Israelites for them to enter the promise land. God delivers the Israelites from Egypt, he gives them the commandments to enable…

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