God 's Greatest Of All Creations

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God established His perfect Kingdom and created everything, with humans His greatest of all creations. Humans were created to have an intimate and eternal relationship with God, but sinned against God and passing that curse onto all their descendants and tarnished God’s Kingdom. He loved humans too much and would restore His Kingdom without any exceptions. Sin became so prevalent that God started over. Attempting to restore His Kingdom twice proved unsuccessful and He would not fail. He sent His Son Jesus to live, die and arose from the dead to deliver the world from sin. Jesus ushered in God’s Kingdom when He arrived on earth and through relationships with people, changed their hearts. Jesus died through crucifixion, washing away sin and arose three days later as the proven Savior and Messiah of the world. God created a perfect existence in the beginning and He will again create the perfect existence when creating a new Heaven and a new Earth. Jesus will again return and the dead will arise and the world judged, as the New Jerusalem comes to earth. Until God returns, He wants to have an intimate relationship with all people and as Christians we are to further His Kingdom. The story indicates God will have a perfect existence for His people one day and all Christians will enjoy His Kingdom free of any sin and death.
The purpose of the first Act from drama of Scripture was to establish how we as humans came into being and why we exist. God has always existed, and humans…
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