God 's Image Of God

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The discussion of being create in God’s image is an important construction that must be understood by Christians and must be articulated by Christians to the unbeliever. Pastor Greg Bahnsen articulates the essential construction of the image of God. Man, in his unregenerate province is hostile to God and is not able to accept theistic construction of God as revealed in the Word (1 Cor. 2 :14). Whether he is a good standing citizen, a notorious sinner, Negro spiritual cunctator , phallus of a church, a pastor, a minister – an unregenerate man, no matter what his occupation is, will not accept or understand the things of God. As a solvent , he will pervert the conception of the man nature, which includes the concept: image of God. Here are…show more content…
Out from this, Hoekema points out how the hybrid of Aristotelian and Christian view, created a nation among Christians that the “Sin of the flesh ” fornication is far more serious and dangerous than the “hell of the feel ” (pridefulness , jealously, self-centeredness, racism, anger, laziness, etc.). This tribal chief problem stems from the evil that has its roots in the body , is implicit in scholastic theology . Since the condition , image of Deity is the cant ; we must discovery a proper definition of it. Once it is properly defined, we will be able to resolution the humans thousands of questions; such as, how does one prospect of man help one understand God , how does the scene of man shed light on the employment of Christ, what are the benefits in understanding the view of man, does the view of man have deduction for ethics, Christians worldview, etc. Before we uncovering out what is the proper definition of the concept: image of God, it must be pointed out that since this berth is a book review, my goal is not to write an extensive essay on the image of God covering areas like the substantive view, relational view, or the functional view. In terms of the definition: image of God, here is how Hoekema defines it: ‘The concept of human being as the paradigm or likeness of God Tell us that man as he was created was to mirror [to make visible the Invisible] and to represent God [to act as God, under God and for God’s institution ].” “We must learn
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