God 's Omnipotence Or Almighty

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According to Grudem, “God’s omnipotence means that God is able to do all his holy will” (216). Omnipotence is defined as all-powerful. Examples of God’s omnipotence or almighty power is seen in Ps.24:8, Gen.18:14, and Jer. 32:17. God is capable of things beyond our imagination as seen in Eph 3:20 and nothing is impossible (Luke 1:37 and Matt. 19:26). God has the will to do whatever he pleases that even humankind has not seen before (Ps. 115:3). However, people often question God’s omnipotence when they hear that He is all-powerful and nothing is impossible for him. Can God sin? Can God die? The response to this is that God is able to do anything that is not against his character; hence, Grudem’s definition “God is able to do all his…show more content…
Prov. 16:9 emphasizes this thought by saying that despite man’s tendency to plan their life, God ultimately moves throughout their life. In addition, God controls and care for the animals. (Matt.6:26, Matt. 10:29, Ps. 104:27). These scriptures demonstrate God know his creation intimately. This also include the weather as seen in Ps. 148:8, Job 37:6-13, Ps. 135:6, and Ps. 104:14. Even random or chance events as people often deem as luck or coincidence is according to the Lord (Prov. 16:33). Finally, God controls all aspects of human lives. Humans are dependent on God as seen in Matt. 6:11. God knew us before we were born. (Ps. 139:16) and our character and gifts were given by God (1 Cor 4:7). Despite knowing that God is sovereign and controls all, it is extremely important to know that our choices and actions still causes the future to happen. God may control everything and know everything, but that does not diminish the fact that humans still have the power to choose their actions. God loves humankind to where He has made man and given him the power of willing choice. Joshua 24:15 shows a situation where man is given the choice to decide to serve God or John 3:16 where man can decide to accept Christ. Man has free will to decide what to do. God is omniscient in that He knows everything and knows all things possible. God knows the past, present, and the future. In fact, God knows each man on earth. An example of such knowledge is that God
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