God 's Testaments By Wrath

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In God’s Testaments, His wrath is a human witnessing to the disasters sent from heaven as a sign against all the godlessness and evil in people. Of course, parallel to God’s wrath is His love receivable from heaven for the good in need of His blessing. In retrospect to His anger is knowing the Bible or how God’s word divides the human race into two classes; the good people and the evil people. Souls who are good have a true faith in Christ, their spirit is blessed by God, they live a heavenly life on earth, and they as they are continuously improving by the Holy Ghost. For example, by wrath, one’s original self-centeredness is subdued and slain as they live a reborn life through the ever-present grace of Jesus Christ. On the other side of them are the souls whose house is evil, who have not been improved in heart, who live in self-centeredness, under the dominion of appetite as they seek and eat good, and by “self” is their only definitiveness of life.
The central message of the Bible is that all people (good and evil) learn more by showing than they do by telling. It promises that God, in order to institute direction will allow examples of his wrath and their consequences as a tool for learning how to rely on Him and how to punish during one’s own tribulations. By doing so, he reveals how wonderful his Kingdom is and by following him, one’s soul will never be destroyed or will be superseded by any other form or order.
The Book of Revelation is a tool as it describes…
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