Godelieva De Troyer

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1. Life is Always Worth Living
2. Active voluntary euthanasia for people who just want to die is an easy way out rather than lending a helping hand to the sad. Godelieva De Troyer willingly gave her life away to science after suffering years of depression. I believe life is always worth living.
3. 1. Godelieva De Troyer had been in therapy for depression since the age of nineteen years old. The start to her depression was being conceived without love.
2. She started her own family with many ups and downs. Her children, grandchildren, and, at the time, boyfriend made her feel less gray.
3. Her boyfriend left her, and she decided to request an active voluntary euthanasia, which she was accepted for.
4. conclusion: Her depression
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Godelieva De Troyer was a depressed woman who felt gray almost all the time. When she would feel sad she would write. She would write about things to remind herself of all the activities she could do to feel happy. Being very aware of her depression, she had been in therapy starting at nineteen years old. Her parents played a very large role in her depression. She wrote, “I am confronted almost daily with the consequences of my childhood.” Being afraid of replicating her parent’s mistakes onto her own children, she married young and had two children. The marriage ended in a divorce, and the father committed suicide while the children were at a young age. She later told a psychologist that her children were “now paying for all that has happened generations earlier.” While still feeling depressed in her early fifties, something new had happened to make her feel happy again. She had a new boyfriend. She described her boyfriend to her new psychiatrist as, “He opens the wound completely, cleans it thoroughly and closes it so it can heal.” While her boyfriend made her feel happy she had gained a granddaughter after her son, Tom, had married. She tried being an attentive grandmother. Later on, her boyfriend broke up with her and she fell into dark depression again. She was not present for Toms second child, and blamed the family for not understanding her feelings. Godelieva discovered a new doctor by the name of Wim Distelman. There was a law in Belgium that permits euthanasia for patients who have an incurable illness. Distelman had euthanized over one hundred patients at this time. Later, after Godelieva discovered Distelman, an email was sent out to her children letting them know that a request had been sent out to allow her to be euthanized. Both children did not take this email very seriously. It appears the email was brushed off. Of course, the children worried about their mother, but certain measures could have been taken further. Instead being overall
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