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GODIVA DESCRIPTIVE REPORT This document is based on sector studies, special reports or other publications and resources prepared by e-Business W@tch. The European Commission, Enterprise & Industry Directorate General, launched e-Business W@tch in late 2001 to monitor the growing maturity of electronic business across different sectors of the economy in the enlarged European Union, EEA and Accession countries. All publications are available in full length on the internet at the e-Business W@tch website (www.ebusiness-watch.org). C ASE S TUDY : ICT E UROPE I N SUPPORT OF CRM AT G ODIVA C HOCOLATIER Abstract Godiva Chocolatier is specialised in the production of premium chocolate. The company is based n Brussels,…show more content…
As company spokeswoman Viviane Burgess says, “the Company needs to keep track of evolving consumer behaviours in order to offer those products which best respond to their needs.” The world-wide presence is a challenge, which requires that different solutions are implemented to address the various customers’ preferences. For instance, the company has different websites’ contents (though based on identical templates) and separate CRM solutions for each Godiva division (North America, Japan, Hong-Kong and Europe).This strategy allows better product positioning and development, closer relationship with the individual clients from different markets, and development of targeted marketing. e-Business activities CRM at Godiva evolved into a company-wide business strategy designed to reduce costs and increase profitability by building and supporting customer loyalty. CRM brings together information from all data sources within an organisation (and where appropriate, from outside the organisation) to give one, holistic view of each customer in real time. This allows customer-facing employees in such areas as sales, customer support and marketing, to make quick yet informed decisions on everything from crossselling and up-selling opportunities to target marketing strategies to competitive positioning tactics. Godiva has developed a CRM strategy in which the physical channels (shop counter, phone/fax) are complemented by ICT

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