God's Existence and Christianity in Why I Am Not Christian by Bertrant Russell

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Religion has been the cause for countless fights, debates, and wars throughout the existence of humankind. There have been many people who have stepped into the void of the endless dispute, among them are ones claiming God’s existence, and the ones refuting it. The forms of this endless debate fall into many categories to express opinions on religion: speeches, poems, and essays. It is common for these forms of expression to sway to both ends of the spectrum on religion. One of the most common topics that seem to be the one most contemplated is whether or not God does truly exists and what evidence supports it. An essay written by Bertrand Russell called “Why I Am Not a Christian”, is an example of this classic debate that adds his view…show more content…
This is continued into the next argument about injustice and how God brings justice to the world, but the world has tons of injustice. With his reasoning, thus the argument doesn’t work properly. Russell finally ends the section that “Most people believe in God because they have been taught from and early infancy to do it and that is a main reason “and that most people like feeling safe with a “big brother” looking after them (288). The third section of “Why I Am Not a Christian”, Russell directly talks about the second main point the Christianity. During this section he mentions his stance on the Christ’s character and how it differs from the traditional view. As Russell had discussed in the first section, Christ is considered to be the wisest of and best of all the men. He directs the attention to a concept of a phrase “Judge not lest ye be judged” (289). When he defines it, he then states how it doesn’t take place in most Christian countries. Even though they follow the religion, the countries do not follow this statement. This section is then divided into two parts, Defects in Christ’s Teaching and the Moral Problem. In each he refutes in some way god acts, within the Christ’s teachings, and Christ’s own beliefs in the Moral Problem section. Russell argues that Christ’s choices are questionable in the sense that he considered wise. In the section about morals, Russell defines Christ’s belief in hell as vital. He argues

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