God's Kingdom : My Understanding Of The Kingdom Of God

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My understanding of God’s kingdom, is that God is the creator of everything, and He is the ruler over everything. His plan for His kingdom is being carried out in all of creation. Since the beginning of creation, He has been in control. The Kingdom of God is all around us in the world. He has given us His word through the bible, and we can see in the bible how He has a plan. He has carried out His plan in the past, and is still carrying out His plan today. In the Bible, it mentions a lot about the Kingdom of God. God is the King over all the earth, and heaven. If God is our king, then we are His servants, and must do His will here on earth until He comes again. Ways to do His will on earth is to follow how Jesus lived. He was a servant, and wanted to show love to others. He loved the world so much he died on the cross to save us from our sins.
Sometimes I struggle with the fact that the world is so full of sin. There are so many bad things happening in the world today, and that have happened in the past. It is hard to deal with the fact that God would let such bad things go on for so long. There are so many people in need, in the world today. I hadn’t really thought about it until we had to watch the video showing the mission of St Francis Inn. I think that they were showing God’s love by serving the homeless with respect. They provided meals and let them sit at tables like a restaurant. Seeing and hearing their stories, shows just how much suffering there is in the world

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