Gods Must Be Crazy Sociology

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The film The Gods Must Be Crazy follows the story of a tribe of people in the Kalahari Desert. These people are known as Bushmen, they live in isolation and believe that they are the only people on Earth. The Earth is of great importance to them and they live in harmony with it. The Bushmen are known as being very peaceful, and they do not understand the concept of ownership, hierarchy, or violence. The role of the gods and family are highly prioritized in the Bushmen society. When a Coca-Cola bottle falls from the sky the Bushmen see it as a gift from the gods. The Bushmen, unfamiliar with technology had never encountered an object like the bottle. The inventive Bushmen use the bottle for many purposes such as a musical instrument, crafting…show more content…
The Bushmen wear little to nothing while in modern society everything is covered. When Xi encounters Kate the narrator explains "Although it was a hot day, she was covering her body with skins that looked as if they were made from cobwebs." This portrays the idea that Xi is unfamiliar with the clothing of modern society. Throughout the movie most main characters change outfits, except for Xi and the Bushmen as they only have one pair. The impact of clothing is seen as Kate travels to the village. She brings multiple suitcases and once the jeep gets stuck in the mud she instructs Steyn to only bring one because she does not need them all. Changing clothes is often seen as a modern thing to do and in other societies people change clothes less often or even not at…show more content…
Goodwin explains the suffering that they have been through, while the movie focuses on lighter aspects. About 85,000 Bushmen are alive today and live on plots of land made available to them through the government. The Bushmen have long been under the control of modern society. European colonists killed off many and others were taken to Victorian freak shows. Many groups are no longer nomadic and must stay in a permanent village, government support provides over 40 percent of their food percentages. Although still practiced game hunting makes up little of what they eat. Another interesting fact is many no longer go by their tribe names nut instead have been given surnames. Their culture is slowly dying out and their way of living is no longer as uncomplicated as it once
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