God's Omnipotence Essay

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God's Omnipotence

The theological problem of evil is a problem that many philosophers have tried to solve. The problem is stated as, "if one believes that god is omnipotent and wholly good, why does evil still exist?" In this writing I will discuss the solutions/propositions of John L. Mackie in his work, "Evil and Omnipotence." I will do this in order to illustrate the concept of free will for understanding or resolving the problem, and to reveal how and why Mackie arrives at his conclusions. In the beginning of Mackie's work he writes a brief introduction to fully expose the problem of evil, and to set guidelines for determining whether or not the problem applies to one. Mackie states that in his work one must be prepared to
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At this point in Mackies work he is reaching the end of the introduction and is going to proceed to his next section, 'Adequate Solutions.' The Adequate Solutions section is used by Mackie to show how some individual's adopt solutions to the problem of evil that will conclude by proving inconsistent. In this section Mackie first exposes that there is a large number of adequate solutions to the problem of evil. He then provides examples of some of these solutions. One of the adequate solution examples that he states is that, some individuals use the term 'omnipotence' while severely restricting its meaning. Mackie then provides another example of how some believe that evil is merely a lack of that which is good, and that evil which opposes good does not exist. Mackie uses these examples of Adequate Solutions to show that if one adopts any of these solutions, then one will not be able to full realize the problem of evil. Now that Mackie has shown that Adequate Solutions will not prove to be sufficient solutions for the problem of evil, he moves to the next section, 'Fallicious Solutions.' This section is where the solutions to the problem of evil will prove applicable but fallacious through argument. Mackie explains that he will be trying to consider whether or not it is possible to arrive at an adequate solution by
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