God's Underground by Richard Wurmbrand

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God's Underground by Richard Wurmbrand

The book I read for my Political Science class was In God's Underground, by Richard Wurmbrand.
Part I
The first half of his life ended on February 29, 1948. His kidnappers belonged to the communist secret police. He had been arrested during the war by the Fascists who ruled in Hitler's day, and again when the Communists took over. His whole philosophy had been materialistic until then, but his heart could not be satisfied with it. He believed in theory that man is only matter, and that when he dies, he decomposes into salt and minerals.
Although he reads the Bible for its literary interest, his mind closed at the point where he felt God's foes were right. As he read on tears filled his eyes.
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Some of them were famous men, like a great pre-war figure in Romania. The brutalistic re-education caused unrest in many prisons and rumors spread across the country A friend of his Aristar died in February and they had to dig through deep snow and break ground ice to bury him in the prison yard, alongside Abbot Iscu, Gafencu Bacur and scores of others that he had known.
Part IV
Room Four had been like an altar on which men were transformed and transfigured for their faiths. He was glad to still be alive. One man, Vasile Donaca, accepted from him a piece of string to hold up his trousers. String was a precious thin here. Donaca like a lot of men would do anything for a cigarette. The guards were the only source of tobacco, even though it was against the rules to pass it on they smoked a lot.
One evening a prisoner jumped up and yelled, "stop it" "stop it". There was a silence. He turned and ran to his bunk, where he flung himself down. His name was Josif. This guy was imprisoned for trying to reach Germany. He watched as the guy settled among the men.
For a few months after Stalins death, monthly parcels from home were permitted. On the postcards they gave them he wrote asking for food, cigarettes and "Dr. Filons old clothes". Even though he didn't smoke he asked for a full order to give to the men. Though his tuberculosis was bad, his teeth were plaugeing him with pain. As with every prisoner, teeth had decayed from lack of food and

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