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Business Plan #II Dusti Goertz BMAL 603 – B02 3/6/15 I. Executive Summary Isn’t it frustrating when you go into a dollar store and are not able to find many products which are actually priced $1.00? In my proposed venture, that wouldn’t be the case. Items priced at .99 would be the rule, instead of the exception. This store’s, name is The .99 Wonderland. The dollar store customer is a complex individual. According to Businessweek, through the use of a product which tracks where consumers shop, those who frequent the dollar store are not necessarily who you think they are. This study showed that individuals who shopped at ‘true’ dollar stores were the same ones who frequented other outlets including Trader Joe’s, Panera Bread, and…show more content…
This concept leads to the concept of brand strategy, or the decisions which a business must make in order to determine its position in the marketplace. (Allen, 2012) This would be undertaken at The .99 Wonderland through the design and implementation of an individualized logo. While all the partners would have a ‘say’ in the design, and potentially a rough sketch of the design, this task would have to be handed over to an individual who specialized in logo design. Then the construction and erection of the signage and the printing of the paper goods which feature the logo, business cards, brochures, letterheads, etc. would have also to be professionally printed. Another part of a business’ brand strategy the amount of brand equity which it commands within its target market. This refers to the effectiveness which the brand has in its market. This metric is most often discovered through examinations of the business’ return on market costs. (Allen, 2012) This would definitely be an uphill battle for The .99 Wonderland since would be a newcomer in the .99 store sector. While that could be a potential hurdle, the fact that it has several characteristics which make it ‘special’, including its location and purely .99 product base, will add to the marketability of the store. Being that The .99 Wonderland will not have an established clientele, the main marketing ‘push’ will be to attract new

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