Gogetters Case Study

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VIII. Price and cost
GoGetters will require minimal startup cost and will be offering a service not readily available in the demographic launch area of Doniphan, Missouri. The owner, Rebecca Cato, will donate all needed office supplies, as well as a car to GoGetters for start-up. GoGetters will receive a donation in the form of a 2006 Pontiac Torrent valued at $4000. GoGetters will receive a donation of office supplies and furniture with a value of $1030 on start-up from the owner Rebecca Cato. The most important objective of GoGetters in the first three years is to retain loyal customers and increase our customer base by 25% a year by providing services that are needed by the community and obtaining word-of-mouth referrals.
Intangible Cost
GoGetters will become a member of the Ripley County Chamber of Commerce so they can network with community leaders and other small businesses. For this advantage GoGetters will pay a fee of $80 a year. GoGetters will register their trademark to become visually identifiable. The cost of registering the GoGetters trade mark will be $275 plus $500 in attorney fees.
Material Cost
Being in the service industry GoGetters will require
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When the need should arise Rebecca would utilize the employment of independent contracts to help carry out the errand running aspect of the company paying a flat fee on a per job basis. Rebecca feels that an independent contract to errand run for GoGetters needing pickups and drop offs in Poplar Bluff Mo by GoGetters Doniphan customers would be the first jobs that would be contracted out to free up Rebecca’s time for local errand running. Independent contractors would go through an intense interview process to ensure that they possess the ethics and integrity that GoGetters will build their reputation on. By the middle of year three GoGetters will have the need for one additional employee in addition to two independent
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