Gogo's Monologue

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Gogo... - don't you want us anywhere near your baby? - No. He's my baby. MaNgcobo has to trust you first. And you must make sure... you stay close to her, so... you can enjoy the fruits of your labour. - Please leave and never come back. - Why? What is it? Okay. Two days is more than enough time. - I'm glad to hear that. - Cheers. Just tell me where you've been all my life. Style, class... You have it all. - What are you doing with my clothes? - I'm just admiring your class. You have it all. I'm not an idiot. Do you see 'fool' written here? I'm just admiring your shirt. It's stylish and classy. - You have it all. - I'm not an idiot. I've been here for a while now and you've never complimented my clothes, not even once. - Well,…show more content…
Zweli isn't home. Zweli isn't home, but I'll let him know you were here. I don't want to be alone right now. Do you mind? No. I don't mind. I'm still shocked. - By what? - How could Buhle do that? To be so cruel and deny me my baby. - And then she gave him up for adoption. - Maybe she was desperate. I don't buy that. He belongs with his real parents. Especially because they're still alive. Some parents don't know what to do when they have unplanned children. No way. I'd work very hard to make sure my child is well-taken care of. Now he's with some random family. Maybe it's not even a good home. Don't worry. During the adoption process the prospective families are screened properly. - He's in good hands. - Sma, the only good hands for him are these. No! Buhle must get my child back. - I'll be difficult. - I don't care how she does it. She must make it happen. Please can I hold him? No, he's asleep. How did your mother manage to bring MaNgcobo here? - They had a fight last night. - You know Ma. - Let's sit here, Dad. - Okay. Hello. MaNgcobo, let's go greet the ladies. - No. I'll find a seat here. - Don't be silly. Come, let's go. Stop it. Good morning, ladies. How are you? Good
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