Going Back to College

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My Reasons for Attending College College is many things to many people. For some it is a time for fun and socialization. For others, it is a time for personal and professional development. In my case, (a husband, a father, and a proud member of the U.S. Navy) college represented an opportunity for both personal and professional development. The purpose of this narrative essay is to examine my decision to earn a college degree, specifically examining my three main reasons (higher earning potential, increased marketability, and development of my critical thinking skills) for deciding to enter college in pursuit of a college degree. My first reason to attend college was the higher earning potential associated with having a…show more content…
My first reason to attend college was the higher earning potential associated with having a college degree. Once I realized by obtaining a college degree I would likely earn more money over my lifetime than if I only possess a high school diploma, attending college became a priority. The increased marketability associated with having a college degree was my second reason for attending college. When I began to understand how in today’s high tech world, employers are looking for candidates with credentials, I realized a college degree would qualify me for far more jobs than if I only possessed a high school diploma. My third reason for attending college was to develop my critical thinking skills, specifically my data collection, data analysis, decision-making skills. I realized as early as my first year if high school that critical reasoning skills such as collecting data, analyzing data, applying standards, predicting, and decision-making were extremely important. Once it became apparent to me how valuable these skills would be over the course of my lifetime, attending college became more and more an obsession. These three reasons fully explain why I chose to attend college. Reference College Atlas. (2014). The Benefits of Earning a College Degree. Retrieved from
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