Going Bovine By Libba Bray

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Going Bovine, a novel by Libba Bray, tells the story of Cameron Smith, a pessimistic high school slacker who wants do nothing more than sleep, smoke pot, and watch T.V. Jenna, his twin sister, the picture perfect high school student, refuses to acknowledge his existence. Their parents, both professors, yearn to repair their fractured family. Unfortunately, the family relationship is further strained when Cameron hallucinates his English class catching on fire. Thinking the hallucination was brought on by 'bad weed ', Cameron 's parents send him to a psychologist who prescribes Cameron medication. Cameron’s hallucinations continue even with medication, and eventually worsen to the point where he sees 'fire giants ' coming out of his toaster, winding him up at a specialist 's office where he is diagnosed with Creutzfeldt–Jakob Disease. CJD is the incurable human form of Mad Cow Disease, a disease that eats away at the nerves in the brain. Wasting away in his hospital bed Cameron is visited by a punk rock angel, Dulcie, who tells him that a mysterious Doctor X has the cure for his disease and a plan to save the world. Enlisting the help of his dwarf hospital roommate, Gonzo, Cameron escapes the hospital. Together the boys set off on a trip from Texas, New Orleans, to Disney World, the location of the mysterious Doctor X. Balder, a yard gnome, who is really an immortal Norse god, tags along for the journey. Throughout the trip danger follows. The Wizard of Reckoning and his
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