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Before all electronic devices were invented, people watched plays at theater for entertainment. Plays were the common things back then, and they were where drama came from. According to Merriam-Webster Encyclopedia, the word, “drama”, is from Greek, meaning to do, act. That is why drama is usually conducts on stages and in theaters. According to Meriiam-Webster, drama is defined as a serious story that is expressed as dialogues, and is presented by actors on stages and televisions. Fiction and drama both have plots. They introduce the problem, build the climax, and then solve it. Compared to fiction, drama doesn’t specifically describe the characters’ structures. Fiction helps the readers to imagine the characters’ outlooks. Drama is…show more content…
However, their deceptions don’t cause harms to others, they just want to help Beatrice and Benedick to know each other’s true heart. On the other hand, Don John repeatedly makes up false rumors. First he told Claudio Don Pedro tricks him about helping him with Hero. Don Pedro just wants Hero for himself. It causes a misunderstanding between Claudio and Don Pedro. Later, he lies to Claudio and Don Pedro about Hero’s reputation, leading to Claudio and Hero’s ruined wedding. Don John’s deceptions are to make people misery and destroy relationships. Shakespeare skillfully presents two different deceptions into a drama, so audiences compare and know why one is good and the other is bad. Another moral lesson is to blindly believe in everything one hears. For instance, Claudio easily falls into Don John’s tricks because he is so gullible. After the first time of being tricked by Don John, Claudio should question the valid of Don John’s claims. He just sees a figure that wears Hero’s nightgown at her window with another man, and believes it is her. Claudio doesn’t neither have trust in Hero nor know her well enough. Shakespeare wants to warn people should not believe easily everything they hear or see. They should make assumption based on people’s actions and characters. Each character portrays a different lesson about morality. Audiences find Shakespeare’s characters portray people in real life and easily relate to them. That is why
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