Going Green And Greenwashing And How That Affects Corporate Social Responsibility

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The following report attempts to illustrate the differences between going green and greenwashing and how that affects corporate social responsibility within the City of Vancouver as an organization. Fifteen scholarly journal articles have been used to further support this discussion and provide insight into the world of greenwashing and it’s linkages to corporate social responsibility. This paper will attempt to confirm that the City of Vancouver’s efforts of going green feed into their corporate social responsibility and in fact prove that this municipal organization is working towards its green goals and not greenwashing. Keywords: going green, greenwashing, sustainability, environment, corporate social responsibility, misrepresentation

City of Vancouver: Increasing Corporate Responsibility or Greenwashing?
As we have seen an increase in awareness around sustainability and climate change, with the help of Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth documentary in 2006, we see organizations moving towards mitigating the effects of climate change in various ways (Al Gore, n.d). As this corporate social responsibility has become more prevalent, organizations are now pushing their green agenda by publishing sustainability reports, doing mass marketing and implementing sustainable business practices to portray the image that they too are working towards protecting the earth’s natural environment all the while focusing on their underlying goal of selling their products and…
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