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Going Green in the Home The past few years have seen the world over a risen campaign to avert their greatest threat today, the environment. The effects of global warming have become a worrying phenomenon for man the world over and there has been joined attempt, or seemingly joint to avert the effects. To say seemingly is because despite calls to streamline policies to the cause, countries deemed to have had the greatest responsibility, have continuously declined to sign deals to reduce the same. The U.S.A. and a new entrant South Africa were notably in a heated debate over the same during the recently concluded environment convention in Copenhagen in 2009. However, technology has come with leaps and bounds in an attempt to salvage the…show more content…
Utopia was depicted to be an island; a fictional one though in the Atlantic Ocean that had an ideal society, as the creator of the fiction depicted the world ought to be, universally. Such a state, as was first proposed by Plato in his book, Republic depicted a world where technology was set in a future, much more advanced than it is today. Such advancement in technology will have made man to eradicate death and suffering and the normal human functions like eating, sleeping and reproduction having been replaced by rather artificial means. The comparison of this state of Utopia to a go green environment is because it was deemed to have struck a balance with technology which was to be utilized for the purpose of enhancing the living standards of mankind. Such sentiments seem to have promulgated the Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions as presented by Elizabeth and Susan during the 1848 Women’s Convention that was held at Seneca Falls (Stanton, Unpublished 1848)). The resolutions were to the opinion that man had a duty to pursue his happiness in its substantial true self. They proposed that laws that contradicted this will and enjoyment of happiness would have to be regarded as invalid as well as their source or even enforcement thereof. Their world was to be with regard to the effect that the society has to have regard to the women enjoying their conscience and had to recognize women to be equal to men. It argued that God had intended this to be so

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