Going Into High School As A Junior

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Final Paper Bryton Buxton Morris SOC101CO1 Written Assignment 6 Going into high school as a junior I never really thought about what it would be like to take a psychology course but I realize that I learned a lot that I never knew before and this was a great course and I am really glad that I took it. The things that took from this course that I can compare and relate to my life are the uses of technology in our society, social inequity, race of others, family and culture, gender differences, and personal life problems. When we look at how technology and how it has changed over the years, there are a lot of things that are different then how they used to be. The people, the way technology is used, as well as who uses it. According to Brym and Lie, assimilation is the process by which a minority group blends into the majority population and eventually disappears as a distinct group. At first, I was surprised by the enormous variety of races that existed. The first day I went to high school, I realized that there were more than just Caucasian in the class. It’s not that I felt out of place in any way but I did notice that it was different being so diversified. Once I started to get to know people I started to realize that these people were just like me the only thing different was the color of their skin. According to Brym and Lie, ethnic group is composed of people who perceived cultural markers are deemed socially significant. It is true that ethnic
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