Going Nuclear : How Nuclear Energy Could Save The Planet

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Going Nuclear: How Nuclear Energy Could Save the Planet Logically it 's not hard to see that if there is a limited supply of something, one day it will finally run out. What happens when society relies on a resource that is nonrenewable? This is something that scientists are struggling with more and more each passing day. Though this is true of many substances that humans use (helium, chocolate, gold...), the most important substances that our lives rely on are fossil fuels. While there is a wide range of guesses regarding how long we have left until we deplete the world 's supply of fossil fuels, most experts say that we only have a few years before harvesting them becomes much more difficult (and expensive) (Lamb 2010). Given our unfortunate dependence on energy, this would have a massive effect on everything in life. Without energy, society as we know it would not be able to continue functioning. Even ignoring the limited supply, it 's hard to deny that the harvesting of resources throughout time has caused a plethora of problems ( 'Miners Lung ' is a disease that 's 'affectionately ' known to come from mining coal after all, and cave ins are not at all an entirely unheard of problem). As such, this leaves us with really only one viable option: go nuclear before it 's too late. One of the primary issues with fossil fuels is their negative impact on the planet and our environment. Greenhouse gasses cause a long string of reactions that lead to our planet slowly heating

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